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   Great Estates Inventory is a service oriented business currently providing personal property inventories for companies and private individuals throughout the East Coast and beyond. Have you suffered a fire, flood, hurricane or theft?  Then you need the services of Great Estates Inventory, your personal property expert.  Great Estates Inventory can assist you with all your inventory needs. 

    We offer two inventories, an insurance loss inventory and a pre-loss inventory.   An insurance loss inventory is an inventory performed following a disaster so you can file your personal property claim with your insurance carrier.  A pre-loss inventory is an inventory performed before a disaster strikes so that you have documentation of your valuables.

        We provide you with:

  • thorough and complete inventories

  • documentation and pricing

  • digital imaging and video

  • excellent customer service

  • dedicated staff

     Great Estates Inventory has an unsurpassed reputation of providing excellent customer service.  We understand your needs.  We have been performing inventories for over 20 years!

      Contact us now to schedule your Great Estate Inventory for your home or business.


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